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This Directory contains the latest and complete information about your potential business partners in several countries across Southern Africa.
- Listings of Top Companies
- In MS Excel format
- Classified under different Trade Categories
- Up-to-date database           
Over 150,000 listings of 10 Southern African countries
Most listings with E-mail addresses.
Classified under different trade sectors.
Available for direct download in Excel spreadsheet format
Instant direct download in Excel format
This Directory is essentially produced for international exporters, importers, manufacturers, traders and merchants looking to establish contacts with their business counterparts and importers in Southern Africa.

This Directory is a must for export-oriented enterprises looking for business partners in the booming and lucrative markets of Africa.
Included in Southern Africa Importers Directory package:
Botswana Directory    Botswana Business Directory
Malawi Directory    Malawi Business Directory
Kenya Directory    Mauritius Business Directory
namibia Directory    Namibia Business Directory
Congo Directory    Congo Business Directory    
Madagascar Directory    Madagascar Business Directory
Mozambique Directory    Mozambique Business Directory
South Africa Directory    South Africa Business Directory
Zambia Directory    Zambia Business Directory
Zimbabwe Directory    Zimbabwe Business Directory


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